The Magic of Body Contouring After Weight Loss


You have lost a large amount of weight, either through extreme diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. You feel wonderful and family and friends can not stop telling you how amazing you appear.

However, when you have a look in the mirror, you can see a picture that doesn’t quite meet what you were expecting to reach. Loose skin throughout the mid-face, jowls, and neck, flattened breasts or saggy, and extra skin in several regions of thighs and abdomen all really can result from sensational weight reduction.

After serious weight decrease, tissues and the skin of the human body often lack the elasticity to conform to the smaller body size. This really is where plastic surgery can be of tremendous help.

Surgical body contouring enhance the form of underlying support tissue and will remove extra fat and skin.

One or more of these processes might be recommended by your plastic surgeon, based on just how much weight you lost and on your specific demands.


close up of woman placing hand on her belly

Sagging of the mid-face, jowls, and neck due to big weight reduction may be corrected with a facelift process. During a facelift your plastic surgeon will lift and tighten the skin and fat in the facial region. This will provide the correct contours to the skin, giving your face a much more youthful and more vibrant look.

Breast Lift

Fat loss can make you with breasts which are more level, saggy and shapely than before. The breast lift could be the solution when this has occurred.

Tummy Tuck/Belt Lipectomy

Any great deal of weight loss can make you with an apron of extra skin. Belt lipectomy process or a tummy tuck was created to eliminate excessive skin and fat from the tummy and waistline regions.

Lower Body Lifts

The whole lower body will likely be impacted to some level by sensational weight reduction. The sagging of outer thighs, buttocks, groin and the abdomen all really can be corrected with the most effective plastic surgery techniques.

Medial Thigh Lift

Another region of the human body which will become flabby after major weight reduction is the thigh. The inner, mid, or outer -thigh all really can become changed. Unique plastic surgery is accessible to remove this extra skin and fat, creating the correct contours for size and your new form.

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