Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Overseas Employees In Costa Rica


Are you looking for a prospective employee for your company situated in Costa Rica? Then it is better to find a local candidate who is suitable for your job role prior to searching the outside candidate. You can look the outside talent when the local persons are not meeting your job requirements.

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The mistakes you must avoid when recruiting an overseas candidate are explained below.

The hiring experts suggest that it is good to select at least four to five outside personals who sounds good and willing to relocate to Costa Rica. You must ask tough questions to the candidates and check whether the candidates are strong and suitable to your job offer. You must ask for professional references from the shortlisted candidates. You can reach the references through email and telephone and if there is no response from the four of the references among the total five references then you should move away from the candidate.

Though you may think that the candidate you have in mind is suitable for your job since he or she has mentioned relevant skills in the resume and possess suitable professional history you failed to check the duration of their previous employment in different organizations which might be a drawback of that candidate. If a prospective candidate switched multiple companies and worked only for short term in various companies then it is a big disadvantage in hiring such individual.  You cannot trust such candidate because there are high chances of leaving your organization in a short time once hired.

Similar to that it is not good to hire a candidate who has only fewer years of experience in the required skill set in his or her total years of experience. Hiring a candidate who is skilled much in other areas of business than the position you are hiring is not a good fit for your company particularly when you are hiring for a senior position. You must ignore such a candidate since it is a waste of time and money to your company. It also affects your company morale.

You should not allow the newly recruited employee to live along with your or in your own property since it decreases your ability to make smart decisions and creates drama when you want to terminate that employee. You must insist clear work schedules from the first day of work. Sometimes the problems faced when recruiting an outside employee is they are not turned to work on time. It is the good practice to explain your company policy, culture, your vision and objectives in the induction period. If an employee does not adhere to the office timing then it may negatively affect the other workers in the office who always reach office on time.

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