Pairing the Right Wine with Oyster

Right Wine with Oyster

You have to dare a lot for eating the raw oyster for the very first time. Oysters are considered as good source of nutrients for brains and bones, and can also improve the appetite. One of the best pairs for dining oysters is wine. There are a plenty of wine varieties available in the world. Champagne, Pouilly Fuisse, Chablis, etc. are the different varieties of wines made from the same variety of grape called as Chardonnay. Though Chardonnay is grown in different parts of the world, the taste and flavor vary depending on the climate of the place where it grows.

For example, the Chardonnay that grows in California and Australia lack the lemony taste due to the exposure to a warmer climate. Similarly, you will find the taste of the wine differing depending on the place where the ingredients are sourced from. There are different types of oysters found in the different countries. For example, some oysters have hard muscles, while some have soft and lean muscles. The texture and taste do vary from variety to variety. You should know that which type of wine will pair with a particular type of oyster. You should never choose wine blindly for your oyster dining.

If you visit a restaurant, you can find the oysters in their menu listed according to the country of origin. Knowing the country of origin and how they taste help you find the best matching wine. Tasting oyster is an art. You should not gulp the oyster as soon as you scrub the meat off the shell. Chew the oyster meat slowly so that juice squeezed off the meat. Tasting wine is a great art. You should know that people who are an expert in winemaking are paid generously.

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